Feature request

Search function to search notes (4)
Duplicate item (not photo) (8)
Import Utility: Auto-fill "Box" Metadata with OS folder name (2)
Evernote to Tropy (5)
Autofill in metadata (2)
OWL vocabularies? (4)
Exporting as CSV file (7)
Create items with no photos? (10)
Primary key for items (3)
Ability to see lists an item is part of (4)
Ability to Toggle Between Photos (2)
Touch-screen compatibility in viewing pane? (2)
Cascading grouped documents (2)
User Interface Suggestions and Reflections (4)
Shortcuts for transcription window? (11)
Import from Google Photos? (2)
Breaking up block quotes? (4)
Searchable Notes (2)
Moving notes in note pane (3)
Duplicate a photo for use in two items (8)
IIIF for image viewing (2)
Custom columns for sorting (3)
Importing Directly into Lists (3)
Layered templates (2)
Ability to choose existing project on welcome screen (3)
Read/Copy field "Where from:" in macOS (4)
Omeka Integration (17)
Tropy and Embedded Metadata (2)
Zotero integration? (3)
Vertical writing (12)