Blurred photos in project view in Tropy 1.1.1

Hi to the Tropy team,

I have been using your software for a few weeks now, and it is a fantastic piece.
I got the suggestion to update to 1.1.0 and immediately after to 1.1.1 but I’ve noticed that since then, the photos are all blurry in the project view, which makes it difficult to identify them “in a glance”.

Any suggestion to fix this minor bug ?

Thanks in advance.


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Hi Celine,

Thanks for letting us know!

Could you tell me:

  • which operating system you’re using,
  • the format of your photos (JPEG or PNG),
  • and perhaps post a screenshot of the blurry project view?

This will help us figure out what’s wrong there.

Thanks for your help!

I am also having this problem. As to your questions, I’m on OS X 10.13.3, using JPEGs

Since we’re having difficulties reproducing the issue, we’d be grateful for screenshots; also, are the photos blurry at all zoom levels, or do you notice the issue only at certain levels? Thanks again!

Sorry for the delay in answering, here is a snapshot. My pictures used to be perfectly clear, even at this size, before the 1.1 update.
I’m using OS X 10.13.2 and Jpeg pictures.
It’s not a major problem but it is not very convenient to have to zoom in all the time, even when it’s just to check the title of the document.

Thanks for your help !


Just to be clear, are you referring to the photo on the right hand side in the screenshot (the one in the ‘image viewer’) or the four photos in the panel on the left?

Mainly to the big picture in the “image viewer”.
I’m checking now and if I zoom in to the maximum the picture in the panel on the left, it appears clearly.

The rendering quality in the image viewer is currently bad if the scale factor dips below 0.5 – this is something we hope to fix soon by down-sampling the image at lower scales, but it’s not something that has changed between 1.0 and 1.1.

Are you certain the image looked better before? Specifically, in the image viewer, as the image should already look good at smaller sizes in the panel and in the item grid.

Yes, I remember not having to zoom in to be able to read the words. Because the problem is not that they are too small : it’s more that the letters suddenly started appearing unclear and blurry.

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Is it possible that you changed the default zoom from ‘fill’ to ‘fit’ in the preferences?

No, I’m sorry, I haven’t changed this preference…

Yes, this is the same for me. The scaled image did not appear blurry before I updated to 1.1.1 from 1.0. Also, I did not change the preference.

I am experiencing the same issue. I was getting identical photo quality when viewing pictures in Tropy vs on my computer or in iPhoto before, now the photos on my computer/iPhoto are cleaner. I have not changed any preferences.

Could any of you upload one of the photos (the original file) where you noticed the difference?

Additionally, could you let me know your device’s pixel ratio? You can find out from within Tropy using the following steps:

  • Open the Preferences
  • Enable ‘Developer Mode’ in the Preferences
  • Close the Preferences
  • Select ‘Toggle Developer Tools’ from the Developer menu
  • Switch to Console
  • Enter window.devicePixelRatio
  • (Disable Developer Mode again)

Finally, if you’re using a Retina MacBook, are you connecting an external monitor to it?

Hi Inukshuk,

Here is the file of the picture in my screen capture above.

Regarding the pixel ratio, I get a 1 when I enter the text. Is that the kind of figure I was supposed to get ?

I’m using a Retina Macbook indeed and I first noticed the change without using an external monitor. I’ve also been using an external monitor and I haven’t seen any difference in the bluriness (pictures appear the same way on my original screen and my monitor).

Apparently, a new version (1.1.2) is ready, do you think I should install it now ?

Thanks again !

Thanks Celine. I was finally able to reproduce this and there is definitely a change between 1.0 and 1.1. We’ll try to figure it out!

Hi Inukshuk –

I am using Version 1.1.2 on a MacBook Pro, Retina Display without an external monitor. I’m attaching a screen shot of iPhoto vs. Tropy. I tried to make the photos identical in size. You can see that the writing in the iPhoto is much crisper than on Tropy. This is a deterrent to reading multiple pages of photographed documents on Tropy.

Here is the link:

Best, Annie

Here’s another example. The top image is the document on Photos. The bottom is on Tropy. I made them as close to the same size as possible. You can see that the top one is really crisp and the bottom one is fuzzy. I’m finding that Tropy is great for organizing photos, but if I want to read the documents at length, I still have to go through Photos or iPhoto to get better image quality.

Here’s a link:

Best, Annie

Hi Annie,

Thanks for the screenshots! Could you let me know if you notice this issue only when zoomed out (i.e., zoom level is less than 100%) or also when zoomed in?


Hi Inukshuk -

I tried zooming in to more than 100 percent. Here is a screen shot of Tropy (on the bottom) vs. Preview (on the top) at 117%. The handwriting is crisper on Preview. I have found that iPhoto, Photos and Preview all perform similarly and Tropy is for some reason not giving as good resolution.