Consolidating photos after moving project files to external HD

If you renamed a part of the relevant path then the best thing is to rename it together with the other changes. (Since you just renamed a folder, Tropy could also do this for you via consolidation if you manually consolidate one photo in the folder first, but updating the paths in the database is going to be much quicker).

The following command should rename the folder in question for you. You just need to be careful with the “-” in the folder name, making sure that it’s the correct symbol (minus sign, dash, etc.).

sqlite3 project.tpy "update photos set path = replace(path, 'Tropy photos - Diss', 'tropyprojectdiss')"

Thank you so much for help and quick response! I placed the above command to rename the main folder in question, and also ran commands to fix the few bath paths that remained. However, I can still only consolidate photos individually by hand, not automatically. I can send you my specific error logs. Finally, I then placed the sqlite3 command “select path from photos order by path” to review the total paths and all that appeared was: ...>