Inconsistent import behavior

I’ve taken a few screencasts to demonstrate a problem I was running into when trying to import or drop photos into Tropy. I’ll note each filename below along with a brief narrative of what I was trying to achieve and the result I got instead.

This is the first test import; I get repeat numbering among the photos, and it seems to import a much larger number of items than I selected.

My first test of an import. I was getting 1) repeat objects, and 2) the scroll kept going past the apparent number of objects. I’m also getting weird behavior when I try to select a single photo.

I’m not entirely sure what happened here – but adding a photo seemed to re-import old photos as though they were never deleted. (This test came after an initial import of an object; I deleted that object and got this result.)

Note here the inconsistent count of photos with the number of items in Finder.

On import of a photo, the name of the file doesn’t match the name of the photo on the righthand side. And, double-clicking the photo wasn’t doing anything (seemed to unselect the item?) But when I double click on the item, it seems to correct the issue.

Just to make this even stranger, when I double-clicked a single object from the home view the bugs above appeared to go away. And, I haven’t had a problem with importing since these initial bugs.

Before it seemed to correct itself, I reproduced this problem with 1) a brand new item, and 2) a brand new project. I was also running Tropy Beta previously, in case that has relevance here. Happy to provide more details, logs, or kick more tires!

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This is brilliant feedback, many thanks!

We’ll go through these and try to figure out what was going on. If you see intermittent issues like you describe, my guess is that Tropy’s session state was invalid (but the data stored in the project database was fine) – this would lead to very strange behavior in the UI but would resolve itself after the next start. In any case, thanks for the material, we’ll look into it!

Great! Hope it’s useful. As I said, so far it seems to be working just fine but I’ll be sure to document any issues that might come up.

Looks like a pretty bad bug slipped into 1.0 there, when adding photos to an existing item – this results in the photo data showing up in the UI being totally off (i.e., adding 2 photos looks like adding 3, adding 4 looks like adding 6 and so on). Note that the data being saved to your project is correct, but data visible in the UI is wrong; that explains why some of your issues seemed to go away (after you restarted it would be fine).

I actually think that all the issues you describe here are caused by the same issue; we’ve fixed that on master and we’ll put out a patch-release soon. At the moment, importing more than one photo into an item is broken like you describe above (as a workaround, you can import the photos as new items and then merge them or move them to your target item).

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Thanks for the follow-up!