Note Contents Deleted While Switching Between Photos

I’m running version 1.12.0 on Windows. As I’ve been using Tropy every day recently, I’ve come across an issue where the contents of notes are cleared when I switch between the photos in an item. Is this a known issue? Sometimes, pressing Edit > Undo has brought them back. Other times, I’ve had to go into my backups to open an older version of my project file.

When you switch from photo A to photo B the first note of photo B will be loaded into the notepad; if there’s no note attached to photo B and empty note will be displayed instead. But this does not delete the previous note attached to photo A – it should still be there when you switch back to photo A.

(That said, we’re currently working on item-level notes, which will make it possible to keep a note ‘sticky’ while switching between photos.)