Page Numbers In Metadata

Thank you for the help on my last post. I’ve been looking through the forums and other pages for instructions, but can’t quite figure it out. I see that there are various metadata fields in Tropy, but noting that, so far as I can tell fits into the category of “page number.” Am I missing something or is there a way to add this to the generic Tropy template?

Hi–in order to put things like that into your metadata, you’ll need to make a custom metadata template. Instructions for how to do that are here: I do recommend that you don’t start from scratch–copy the Tropy Generic template, change its name, and then add your field for page number (and any other fields you might want).

But are there specific “Property” and “Datatype” that are recommended for use for page number(s)?

I’m a newbie to the this kind of cataloging and vocabularies, but would expect something exists already

The Bibliographic Ontology (BIBO) contains a “locator” property that’s used to define a numeric value that locates an item within a containing document, i.e. a page number. I recommend importing the BIBO vocabulary and using “locator” for page number. Otherwise, you could include page number in the “bibliographicCitation” property found in DCMI Metadata Terms.

Thank you. I’ll give it a go.