Pop Up Warning when deleting files/tags

I just realized it’s really easy to accidentally delete a tag, not from a single item, but from all tagged items, by selecting the tag on the left side and clicking on backspace key.

to prevent this, i think it would be good to have a pop-up demanding confirmation to delete the tag.

If this happened to you by accident, I hope you realized that you can undo the delete until you close the project; this is actually the reason why there is no prompt (we currently prompt only for actions which will clear the undo/redo history like permanently deleting items from the trash). Having said that, you’re right, delete via backspace is rather subtle (especially because backspace in the tag panel on the right would only remove the tag from the selected items, not delete it!).

We’ll think about it (removing the key binding or a prompt, like you suggest, would be improvements) – thanks!

I also had the same experience (this may not be trivial). I would recommend to make it impossible to delete a tag from an item page but only from the main page, to make the distinction between removing a tag and deleting it clearer.

I agree on this; currently, when you delete a tag in the item view (with right click, not backspace) the tag is deleted from the entire project, not only from the item.

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It would also be great to have such prompt with photos in the item view:
As it is now, if you incidently use backspace on a photo in an item with multiple photos, the photo is definitely cancelled without prompt and without being trashed in the deleted items.
Undo is possible if you notice immediately that you cancelled a photo before doing anything else…
At least, it would be interesting to have backspaced photos trashed.