Sorting & selecting multiple photos within item

I’m having a lot of fun with Tropy–thanks!

Some of my items contain 40-50 photos, because they’re multi-page documents. They have imported in reverse order. I seem to have to move them one by one. Is there a way to sort them by name within the item?

Also, is it possible to select multiple photos within an item, for instance to turn all of the photos 90 degrees clockwise?

Thanks for trying out Tropy!

The photos within an item have arbitrary sort order, i.e., you can drag them around to arrange them in any order you like. Obviously, that becomes complicated if you have a lot of photos per item – we’ll be looking to provide a means to apply automatic sort order within an item going forward.

Meanwhile, one thing you can do is to import the photos as separate items initially: this will place them in the item table, where you can sort by name ascending or descending, so that the first photo is at the top and the last photo at the bottom, select the whole range of photos by selecting the first photos and shift-selecting the last one, then right click -> merge items to combine all the photos. The order of the photos in the resulting item, should reflect the order in which you made the selection (i.e., top one first). I hope this workflow will help you save some time, while we figure out better ways to improve sorting within items.

Selecting multiple photos within an item is something we want to add, but it has some UI and undo/redo implications which we have yet to solve, so I wouldn’t want to comment much further on it at this time.

This wasn’t always my experience. Sometimes the order within items was the reverse of my selection order. But it was easy to explode the item, reverse the order, then merge again.

Obviously selecting multiple photos could help in sorthing within items as well.

As for bulk rotation, the obvious workaround is to do it before importing the photos into Tropy, which is no great burden.

I am really enjoying Tropy. Thanks again!

Well spotted, yes. The selection order is not necessarily the same as the currently visible order of the items; it is really the order in which items were selected (so selecting from bottom to top or top to bottom can give you different orders). We’ve already concluded that this can be really confusing (especially with more complicated selections) and decided to change this for upcoming releases (i.e., ensure the order always corresponds to the order in which you currently see the items in the view).

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