Working on the same project on two or more devices

Unfortunately I failed to correct the errors.
Indeed, my documentary base consists of a tree structure at 3 levels:
Dir Manuscrits
Dir Source 1
Dir Images
File A
File B

Dir Source 2
Dir Images
File F
File G

In the Object View, I consolidated 2 files ( giving me the hability to chose the directory). Then to be sure to consolidate, in the browser view I has also consolidate the item, then all the file were scanned.
Nothing changed, All the items related to the directory changed are not reachable. In the log file all the files in error are for wrong acces.

Even if I could change that acces, it’s a to heavy work to find files and modifiy their adress due to file structure.
A first improvement could be a routine search file an replace from the top of tree structure or a way to simply modifiyng directory adresses in a setup file.
For NAS a second improvement could be availability of what you call Samba protocol. All the applications, I use with files on NAS, have acces to files.

I Understood you have a shareable version of tropy in project. I m sure, these problems will be adressed to . I will wait :).
Thank’s again.

Part of log file :
Failed to fetch",“msg”:“esper: failed loading file:///”} .
{“level”:40,“time”:1605719605139,“type”:“renderer”,“name”:“project”,“stack”:“Error: ENOENT: no such file or directory, stat ‘E:\1- Manuscrits\Norroy-AD54\JPEG-TT\IMGP0262_AD54_B522_175-1.jpg’”,“msg”:“failed to open photo E:\1- Manuscrits\Norroy-AD54\JPEG-TT\IMGP0262_AD54_B522_175-1.jpg”}
{“level”:30,“time”:1605719609958,“type”:“renderer”,“name”:“project”,“msg”:“db query took 104ms”,“query”:“UPDATE photos SET checksum = $new_checksum, color = $new_color, mimetype = $new_mimetype, orientation = $new_orientation, page = $new_page, path = $new_path, protocol = $new_protocol, size = $new_size WHERE id = $id”,“ms”:104}
{“level”:40,“time”:1605719610058,“type”:“renderer”,“name”:“project”,“msg”:“SLOW: photo.consolidate#33”}
{“level”:40,“time”:1605719610073,“type”:“renderer”,“name”:“project”,“stack”:“TypeError: Failed to fetch”,“msg”:“esper: failed loading file:///”}

The auto-consolidation will work fine even with deeply nested tree structures, as long as the path changed in a uniform way. However, this only works for valid file system paths, fo example E:\1- Manuscrits\Norroy-AD54\JPEG-TT\IMGP0262_AD54_B522_175-1.jpg – but it does not work for URLs to remote files like http:/// – this would be using the HTTP protocol which Tropy supports; it currently does not support the Samba protocol (which I suspect you’re using) though we could add support for this. However, in your case it would be much better, as I’ve explained above, to assign a drive letter to your remote drive. If you do this, you should have only paths like E:\1- Manuscrits\Norroy-AD54\JPEG-TT\IMGP0262_AD54_B522_175-1.jpg and not invalid paths like file:/// and the consolidation should work, even for your nested folders.

I can also update the paths in your project file directly, if you send me the file. To do this, however, you’ll have to tell me the valid path to your Manuscrits folder (in the log file I see only the wrong paths, not the ones that work).

Finaly, I decided to download files from NAS to local. And Its Works !
Thank’s again