1 integrity check(s) failed

I’m using Tropy on Windows 10 64-bit OS. Since yesterday, I’ve this error messageImage1

Here’s the log : tropy.log (8.4 KB)

Thank you for any helpful advice (it’s my PhD research^^) !

It looks like you opened two files: “These (1).tpy” and “These.tpy” is that right? The integrity test on first one succeeded, but failed for the last one. I assume those are copies of the same project? A failed integrity check is cause for concern because it might lead to data corruption. The reason Tropy performs these checks is to spot potential problems early so that we can fix them before anything goes wrong. Please make backup copies of both files and, if you can share the file with the failed integrity check with me, I will take a look and try to repair the file. You can send the file to me here as a direct message or at sylvester.keil@gmail.com. Thanks!