10 second lag after typing in metadata

Hello! I just started using Tropy and am having a lag problem whenever I enter metadata.

I share the same problem as the OP in a previous post about JPEG comments. A long bizarre character string (a JPEG comment?) that I didn’t enter myself will show up in the autocomplete selection for any of my metadata fields that I try to edit:

The appearance of this string slows down Tropy considerably (about a 10 second lag after typing a single key). Sometimes Tropy will even stall out and not respond. Is there a way I can manually delete this string in Tropy? Or do I need to scrub all my photos of existing metadata and then re-upload them again?

For reference, I am running Tropy version 1.12.0 on MacOS Monterey Version 12.6.

Thank you so much!

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Apologies for that, we’re going to stop importing JPEG comments in version 1.13. The comments are in the item’s and photo’s description field. If you delete those values and restart Tropy the auto-completes should be working fine again.

It’s easy to remove the description from all items by selecting all items in your project (click on the project name and then select all items in the item view) and clearing the description field in the bulk editor in the metadata panel. (Also permanently delete all ‘deleted items’ if there are any.)

Unfortunately, bulk editing photo metadata is not yet supported in the stable release, so using the UI you’d have to delete the photo fields (select an item and clear the description in the photo section of the metadata panel). If you have more than a handful of photos that’s not very practical to do. If you’re comfortable on the command line and using SQLite I can give you instructions how to remove the values with a command. If you prefer you can also send me a link to your project file in a direct message and I can clear the values for you.

Thank you so much, @inukshuk! You were exactly right. Unfortunately I have several thousand photos and am not familiar with the command line or SQLite, so I will send you a link to my project file directly.

Thank you!

Hello, I am having the same problem, is it possible to send it to you or know how to remove the description ? I am not very familiar with the command line but I am confortable in trying it.

If you send me a direct message with a link to your project file, I’ll be happy to remove the comments for you.