A few questions about notes

Is there a way to turn off spellcheck in the notes? It is really distracting to have most of transcriptions with the red squiggly lines under them.
Also, why can’t I type the / character into my notes? At first I thought my keyboard was broken, but no - it just seems that the program won’t allow it

Thanks for reporting! We’ve already addressed both these issues and they’ll be fixed in the upcoming release.

Will it ever be possible to change the font in the notes section?

Do you mean to change the font size only or the font family? You can already adjust the font size in general terms in the preferences window and you can also change it via the View -> Zoom settings of the window (this scales the entire UI).

If you would set the font family for the notes explicitly or customize the styles you can use a custom stylesheet. If you’re interested in this, I’d suggest to turn on developer mode in the preferences and enable the devtools: this will let you explore the active styles. To add custom styles, just put a file called styles.css into your user data folder (Help -> Show user-data folder).