Ability to Select and Rotate Multiple Photos at Once & Rotate in More than One Direction

Tropy is amazing! It has been so helpful with managing archival documents and document notes.

It would be amazing if one could select, using either ctl + click or shift + click, multiple photos at once and rotate them, as opposed to having to do each one manually.

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Additionally, right now one can rotate towards the left, but not the right. Being able to rotate in both directions would definitely save me some time!

Yes, editing multiple photos at the same time something we’d like to add to Tropy. Can you tell me if editing all the photos of an item would cover most of your needs, or if you’d really need this to be more generic (i.e., select photos across several items and rotate them all)?

We’ll probably add clockwise rotation soon; but maybe only as a short-cut (right not both L and R would rotate the image if the image viewer has the keyboard focus; in the future we’re planning to bind those keys to right and left, respectively).

I think that allowing all editing features to be performed on multiple pictures within either an item or a list at the same time would be amazing! It does not necessarily have to be specific to photo rotation. I just noticed that photo rotation was one of those things I was spending a bit of time on.

However, I would prefer to select individual pages within an item and/or list for this mass editing, as opposed to the entire item and/or list. Some days I pull 2000+ photos from an archive, and I seem to have rotated my cell phone camera at random intervals. Half are turned one direction, and then half in another (on a good day, more often than not I rotate every 40 or so pages). This mean that in one document, I could have things turned in all four directions. Thus, it would be easier to use a shift or ctl + click function within items and lists.

Speaking of editing, another neat editing feature would be adding a deblur function. Right now, I use an app on my cell phone for this, but it is a bit time intensive.


Just wanted to second this request! I’m new to Tropy so I may have my terminology wrong, but if an “item” is a set of photos one has merged to create a document, then this definitely would need to be independent of that (ideally, I guess, both “rotate all in item” and a command/ctrl-select any set of photos). For me at least, to even be able to decide which photos to merge to form a document I’ll have to rotate them once I’ve imported them.

Although, on second thought, I’ve just noticed that the space bar view doesn’t seem to change after rotating the images, so perhaps it’s just easier to complete this step in another program prior to importing. On a Mac, Preview handles this pretty neatly.

Also, sort of related, would love a view that combines the project and item views, sort of, so that one could see thumbnails of the photos in the project on one side when one is in the item view.

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We’re still pondering UX implications and possibilities for how best to support bulk editing photos. As for the ‘combined’ view, there are plans to show all available items while in the item view – you can follow this issue on GitHub if you’re interested to see some designs of how this might look.

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I am hoping that Tropy will make my life easier than imac “preview,” and one of the main features would be what anickell mentions e.g. ability to select and rotate a bunch of photos at once, and I have the exact same issue where some of them need rotating one way and others the other according to how I was holding camera. Am I understanding correctly that I need to open each photo/item individually and rotate it before I can make it into a document to scroll through? If that’s the case, I might just stick to preview since I have to do that with preview anyhow until I can go to the AHA session on how to use Tropy in January 2019-- I am probably just not knowing how to use it properly yet! I love the naming/metadata features of tropy and look forward to learning how to use it properly! Thanks!

Digital cameras and mobile phones typically store how you held the camera when you take a picture; Tropy will use that information on import to rotate your photos accordingly. Unfortunately, cameras don’t always get it right (depending on the way the camera is held it can can be hard to tell) and since you’re mentioning Preview.app (which, I assume, also uses the photo’s metadata to rotate the picture) my guess is that you’re referring to this problem. You can import photos into Tropy regardless of their orientation; you can view them, rotate them, scroll through them etc. – so a wrong default orientation does not hinder you in any way to use it. However, you currently do need to rotate the picture manually (there is also a keyboard shortcut) – we haven’t yet, added a way to do this in bulk, but this is definitely on our roadmap.

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