Accents, special characters

How do I type in accents or special characters (such as é or à) into Tropy?

Hi, which operating system do you use?

Windows 10. I have figured out how to switch my whole keyboard to French, but I prefer not to. In Word, I have quick shortcuts to insert the characters. Can I set up something similar in Tropy?

I feel like this is something that should be handled at the level of the operating system, not by each app individually. I’m not familiar with Windows keyboard layout options in particular, but for example, my Linux system is set to a US locale, but I’ve set up my keyboard layout to make it easy to input German and Italian text, and even switch to Japanese input. The benefit of this is that it works the same across all apps and I do not need to learn app-specific shortcuts.

So, while we could add shortcuts for common special characters, I strongly believe that this wouldn’t be the right approach. What kind of shortcuts does Word offer?