Access for Research Assistants

Hi! I’ve read the relevant threads here and hope I’m not asking a redundant question – but my situation seems slightly different. I have a great tropy archive built and it’s saved in a shareable folder in Drop-box. (I use a PC.) I want to bring in 3 RAs to work on tagging. I know tropy can’t sync and so they would have to schedule their work times. I need confirmation that, if they each have a Drop-box account, they will be able to access and edit the archive, and that they need copies of tropy on their desktops. (As always, apologies for stupid questions.)

Yes, everyone will need to install Tropy on their computer and need access to Dropbox with the project file and photos in it.

At the moment Tropy will always write to the project file when you open it (even if you make no changes) – this is something we’ll gradually improve in the coming months. In Tropy 1.7 the project file will only be modified when you actually make changes (this should make scheduling access much easier); we’ll also add support for a read-only mode along with additional improvements to syncing the project file.

Great! Thank you so much for your response. This is really helpful. BTW: I do love this software and it has made all the difference for my project – 10 000+ images would have been impossible to manage otherwise. Thank you!!

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