Add ability to copy images from Tropy

It would be lovely if you could right click on an image in Trophy, select copy and then paste it to another program or folder. That is all. Thanks!


You mean copy the image data to the clipboard? That’s an interesting idea, I’ll add it to our list! (Drag and drop to the outside is also something we’d like to add in the future.)

Meanwhile, if you right-click on a photo in the panel (not the item, just the photo) there is the option to ‘Show original file’ which should show the photo in your file manager where it can be copied. That’s an extra step of course but it’s relatively close.

Yes simply copy the image to the clipboard.

I use trophy for organizing photos for research and when it comes time to make figures for a paper or presentation this feature would save a lot of time.

Just to let you know this is going to be in the upcoming 1.15 release.

Awesome! Thank you so much.

My friend made a plugin that can copy images to the clipboard