Add geographic coordinates and/or other attributes to tropy'images metadata

Hi! I am new here. I was wondering if I can add new fields to Tropy images’ metadata, I am especially interested in adding geographic coordinates.

Thank you in advance for any help!


You can add any field you like. Geographical data is often embedded in photos using EXIF tags so using for example exif:gpsLongitude and exif:gpsLatitude (these are included in Tropy’s default vocabularies) would be a good option. Unfortunately you’d have to insert the values as strings or numbers – there’s no custom widget for spatial data yet (but we’d like to add one at some point).

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Thank you Inukshuk,

you are very kind. Vere I should put this commands: exif:gpsLongitude and exif:gpsLatitude ?

I also would like to know if I can find the list of the fields somewhere (I attach picture) in order to understand what kind of data I should put into a field.


If you’re creating or editing a template in the template editor, you would add two fields to the template, one for latitude and longitude. You would select exif:gpsLongitude in the property (Proprietà) selector in your screenshot. Since there are a lot of properties installed, it’s best to type into the field to narrow down the list.

Here, for example, I’ve narrowed down the list by typing lati. This is generally fine, but you can also search using prefixes. So for example if you want to see all properties of the Exif vocabulary you could type exif: (you can also type something after the : to search only in that prefix).

You can also switch to the Vocabulary section in the preferences window to browse all vocabularies currently installed.