All photos disappeared

all my photos seem to have disappeared. I cannot see that I did a wrong move. when I first opened the project today, they where there. however I worked on a project deposed on a internal network of my university.

Your Tropy project file and the photos must be accessible in order to view them in Tropy (you can open a project file even when the photos are temporarily unavailable, but you won’t be able to see them in item view).

the problem is that I seem to be connected to the network, so why could they be unavailable?

and even in my version of the project on my laptop there are no photos anymore

does it make sense to ask my colleague who worked on the project some days ago to save his copy with a different name and then to use that one?

my photos are stocked on my laptop, don’t think I changed pathes

If you’re collaborating on the project, you definitely need to co-ordinate with your colleague to make sure that you’re always working on the latest version – Tropy doesn’t yet do any synchronization so this is very similar to each of you working on copies of the same text document.

Regarding the missing photos. I’m assuming you mean the photos are recorded in the project, but don’t show up if you try to view them, right? This happens if, for any reason, the photos are not at the location from where they were originally imported into Tropy. This can have various reasons. To solve this (and to make sure it doesn’t happen unexpectedly) it’s important to be aware of where your photos are and where Tropy expects them.

First make sure you know the full path to your photos on your laptop. Then, take a look at where Tropy thinks they are: you can do this, for example, by checking the file information in the metadata panel. If you hover over the file name of the photo, the full path should be displayed (you can also click on the name, or use the context menu) to open the path in your file manager.

yes, I think we will have to give up working together on one project.
but this problem occured while I was working, and in the beginning the photos were there. as I said, I do not remember having displaced the photos on my laptop. the problem is now that there is really no photo in the tropy project to be seen, so there is no metadata either. the only thing which gives me hope is that when I clicked on the function “consolidate” now, tropy actually worked on 500 photos. so they might still be somewhere where it can find them

after haing restarting the laptop the photos have reappeared, but in the project version on the network, they are marked with a triangle with an exclamation sign. I cannot enlarge the view to look a them

same for the version on the laptop

Maybe you just had a search query active or selected a tag without any items? That would make all photos essentially ‘invisible’.

If the photos are there and are marked with the exclamation mark that means Tropy can’t load them, so my previous advice still applies: you should check where your photos are located and where Tropy thinks they are, with that information it should be straightforward to figure out what’s wrong.

If the files are on a network share and the paths seem fine, this may also be an issue about file permissions (especially on Windows we’ve seen a few problems like that).

yes, I read about this problem now. I will try that although I am not shure to be fit enough to find that out. but the photos are stocked on the laptop, not on the network, so this could not really explain it.
if I I understand well, the best would be to copy the photos used for tropy into a folder that would not be changed anymore for other purposes. I did not know that this is different from zotero which saves a copy of the used images in its own storage folder.

I’m having exactly the same problem with a database of 450 photos. They were originally loaded on a different laptop. When I moved them (and Tropy) to a new laptop they disappeared from Tropy.

You’ll need to consolidate one of the photos manually, via the photo context menu in the photo panel: this will prompt you to select the photo at it’s new location and afterwards Tropy should be able to find the other photos automatically. See the user manual page on moving photos for more.