Apple Silicon and Windows 32-bit support

With the recent Tropy 1.9 release we have added experimental builds for Apple Silicon as well as Windows 32-bit chipsets. If you have a Mac with the new M1 CPU we encourage you to install the native build for the best experience (the x64 build works via Rosetta, but the arm64 version is the fastest Tropy we have seen). The new builds are fully functional, but they will not automatically update while we decide which builds/platforms we can support going forward.

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Btw, is the list of updates and bug fixes on the GitHub release page comprehensive, or this there another place to look?


Also is there a roadmap for future upgrades?

The release notes are not fully comprehensive, no. They include the most relevant user-facing changes and additions and important bug fixes (and I try to mention bug fixes for issues originally reported here).

There’s currently no public roadmap, but you for the more imminent features which are currently under development, you can typically check out the upcoming milestone on GitHub.

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