Are new Standard types compatible b/t Windows and MacOS?

I’m really excited to see the new Standard file type and increased portability of Tropy files. I am wondering if I have a Standard Trop file made in MacOS, can I open and manipulate the same file on a Windows computer?

I often have multiple people doing research. Saving a single Tropy file to a shared file system like OneDrive and being able to open and manipulate it on multiple computers is a very exciting prospect.

Yes, the new standard project type is compatible between Windows and macOS, though there are differences in how the OS treats them. Basically, the new standard project type is a normal folder with the regular .tpy database file (and some auxiliary files) and an asset folder containing all the images. On macOS we can bundle the folder which makes it appear like a single file (e.g., you can double-click it to open etc.). This concept does not exist on Windows so the folder is ‘just’ a folder (it just uses a different icon) but you can just treat it the same way (Tropy will just manage the photos inside that folder).

Wonderful, thank you.