Auto-create nested lists from folder structure on harddrive


I know this has been suggested already a while back but now that you have PDF-support (which is SO great) it’d be great if you could implement the option to auto-create nested lists based on the folder structure where photos are stored (like Lightroom or other image managing softwares do). I’ve replicated the archive’s structure on my harddrive and would love to keep that organizational principle (as I know many other scholars do) in Tropy, added by tags etc.

This really would make an invaluable tool even more invaluable! :slight_smile:

Thanks for all the great work you’re putting into this, I am constantly spreading the word!


I can’t make any promises, but we have some improvements to import planned for the next release, so maybe we can tackle this while we’re at it; we’ll track this feature idea here.


That sounds awesome, thanks so much!