Backingup Tropy on Google Drive

Hello. I’ve been using Tropy for over a month, but I installed Tropy on my computer’s desktop Windows C. Now, I am struggling to move Tropy from Windows C to the Google Drive folder. But I don’t know how to do this. I don’t want to lose my documents inside Tropy… Can you help me? Thank you.

With the current project type, you need to consider how the photos are stored in your project file.

Basically, if your photos are linked using absolute paths, then you can move the project file around freely, but you should not move or rename the photo paths (you still can, but you’ll have to tell Tropy where you moved the photos to during consolidation).

However, if your photos are linked relative to the project file, then you can move both the project file and the photos together without the need for consolidation. (Only if you move only one or the other, or you move them differently relative to one another, will you need to consolidate them).

So the answer to your question depends on what you want to move to Google Drive (only the project file, or the project file and all the photos) and where the photos are currently stored.

Assuming you want to move both project file and photos, the best thing to do is to make sure all the photos in Tropy are consolidated and then change the project settings to store the paths relative to the project file. If that’s the case, you can simply move everything to your Google Drive folder and then open the project file at its new location.

Obviously this depends on where your photos are currently stored. In the best case you have single folder with the project file and all the photos in it; or a folder with the project file and then the photos in sub-folders.

Actually, Tropy, which I have installed on my desktop, takes my photos from my Google Drive folder. My photos are in the Google Drive folder and I haven’t made any changes to them. I just added notes to Tropy and translated my documents. But to prevent my transcripts and metadata in Tropy from being lost, I want to dump the program into Google Drive. I don’t want to make any mistakes.

Thank you for your supports.

OK in this case it should be easy. First, open your project in Tropy and go to the project settings in the preferences window. There, make sure that your project is currently set to using absolute paths. Then just close the project or quite Tropy. With the project using absolute paths, you can move the project file around freely. Therefore, just move the project file to the desired location in your Google Drive folder.

Now that your project file has moved, the only issue is that Tropy will not open it automatically (because it does not know where the file is). Therefore you must open it manually; you can do this either by double-clicking the project file at its new location or by opening Tropy and selecting File -> Open from the menu (if you’re on Linux or Windows and Tropy opens the new project wizard you can still see the menu by pressing the Alt key).

Once you’ve opened the project file in Google Drive, make sure that Tropy still finds your photos by opening them in item view. If everything looks good you may consider to now change the project settings to store files relative to the project file. Because both the project file and the photos are in your Google Drive folder this has the benefit that you will be able to open the project file, for example, on a different computer when you sync your Google Drive folder there.

I think I succeded. Thank you so much!