Black screen and bug with every several photos


I am a french scholar and very happy to discover Tropy that I begin to use since a few days (sorry for my poor english). I have begun with small series of photos (53 ie) because I wanted to see how does it work before getting involved with my very large amount of photos of archives (thousands and thousands). everything’s fine except the fact that, when reading and visualizing photos, every - I don’t know - maybe 4 ou 5 photos (which are still in the same place: my computer is new and will just serve to this stockage of photos), I click on the next photo (click with the mouse but same thing happens when I go below with the "down arrow"on my computer keyboard) and
1/BLACK SCREEN (i still have informations about the title for ie but in a small band at the top - so not completly black)
and… I come back to Tropy BUT I can’t see anymore any photo. It’s just a white space. when I go in it with the mouse I can see a little hand which shows me that the photo “is here” but I can’t visualize it.
Every time I has to close tropy and re-open it to continue during 4 photos and… again.
I won’t be able to see my “thousands” of photos if I have to do this every 3 minutes.
Would you know why is it like this ?
thank you so much for your help
best wishes

Do I understand correctly that this happens on an arbitrary photo, after viewing a handful of photos? That is, you view 3 or 4 photos, then you get the black screen, and after that no photo shows up anymore (even photos which you viewed previously)?

Can you tell me which operating system version you’re using?

Additionally, if you could follow these steps it will help us figure out what is going on:

  1. Start Tropy (close and restart if it is already open).
  2. Keep opening photos until you hit the black screen.
  3. Open a different photo (white space?).
  4. Select Help -> Show log files from the menu.
  5. Find the project.log and upload it here. The log file will hopefully tell us more!

Thanks for your help!

Hello I have tried to answer via my gmail account but it doesn"t work - i give you informations below - it’s better since a few hours :slight_smile:

From: Priska Morrissey
To: inukshuk
Date: Thu, 26 Jul 2018 11:46:45 +0200
Subject: Re: [] [Bug] Black screen and bug with every several photos
Thank you for your quick answer. Yesterday, I have tried to open different
photos and even from different lists or projects but anytime : if I can
still see them in little space in the left, I couldn’t see them in the big
central window.
Today, after a night of close computer, new things happened
: I can’t re-open my first project “revues”. I went to show log files and
this is what I found (below and in attached file)

Thank you for your help. If we success to go through this and I am able to
continue to use tropy, could you tell me what is the max number to merge ?
I asked yesterday to much (in the end of the day as I tried with more
photos but the problem of black screen was before - I just wanted to
continue to make lists as to go faster in my job)
best wishes

///////////////////*PROJECT LOG
{“level”:“info”,“message”:“logger initialized at level
{“level”:“verbose”,“message”:“opening db
{“level”:“verbose”,“message”:“restoring settings@tropy.
{“level”:“verbose”,“message”:“restoring ui@tropy.
{“level”:“verbose”,“message”:“project ready after 19224.995ms
{“level”:“verbose”,“message”:“opening db
{“stack”:“TimeoutError: ResourceRequest timed out\n at
at bound
error in *open: ResourceRequest timed
{“level”:“verbose”,“message”:“opening db
{“level”:“verbose”,“message”:“opening db
{“level”:“verbose”,“message”:“opening db
{“level”:“verbose”,“message”:“plugins scanned:
{“level”:“verbose”,“message”:“plugins loaded:
{“level”:“verbose”,“message”:"closing db
----- Message truncated -----