Blue filter when copy-pasting image

Hi there!
I really enjoy working with Tropy, and thanks to the many new features it’s getting better and better!
There’s one small issue I encountered with the latest version: when I “copy photo to clipboard” and paste it in Word/PPP/Keynote the colors of the image are inverted (or rather, a blue filter is applied…). See screenshot

Tropy version is 1.15.1 and system is MacOS 13.6
Also, is there a shortcut for “Copying photo to clipboard”. Now, cmd/c copies the link and not the photo, for me personally it would be more useful/natural if cmd/c copied the photo itself.
Thank you!

Yes, we fixed this already in version 1.15.2.

The issue was that the API handling the bitmap data in the clipboard expected BGR data while Tropy was sending RGB, so the Blue and Red channels were swapped for this curious effect.

Great, thank you!
About my second question: i suppose it isn’t possible to set cmd/c as shortcut for copying photo to clipboard? At least for my purposes this would be more intuitive and even further facilitate the workflow…

Oh, my apologies for missing the second question!

We can definitely add keyboard short-cuts to the photo list. Since the default Ctrl/Cmd+C is a global action we’ll want to keep it reserved to copying items, but we can add an extra binding to the photo list. Maybe Ctrl/Cmd+Shift+C?

OK we added Cmd/Ctrl+Shift+C to copy to clipboard and Cmd/Ctrl+Shift+X to extract the image to a file. This will go into the next release.

wonderful! thank you