Blurry images dragged from apple photos

Hello everyone. So, I have just started using Tropy to sort the thousands of images I came back with from the archives. At first, it all worked perfectly; I would drag images from the Apple photo app and add the metadata and notes before moving on to the following document and its corresponding pictures. But now, doing the same thing, the photos imported are low res and blurry. I didn’t change anything, and I can’t see what to do to have the imported image quality restored. I would appreciate any suggestions.

When dragging photos out of Apple Photos you don’t necessarily get access to the original files, but rather a converted image that Photos exports for the receiving application. This probably depends on the file type of the original but there should also be a way to configure how Photos manages the export/conversion.

We’ll look into if there’s anything we can do on the receiving end of the drag and drop action. Meanwhile, a workaround that should work is if you drag the photo out to Finder (or your Desktop), drop it there (this should create a full-size version) and then drag and drop it over to Tropy.

Thank you! I have tried your suggestion and it works.