Breaking up block quotes?

I am experimenting with the insert block quote feature in order to have my notes and transcription for an item in a single note instead of two separate notes, since as far as I can tell it is not possible to view multiple notes on a single item at the same time. Normally I transcribe in batches and then come back to reread and add analytical notes. In a perfect world, all the transcribed content would probably be in block quotes and I would break it up with non-block quote commentary, thoughts. questions, etc

However, I am finding that it is somewhat impossible to break up a large block quote (at least as far as I can tell). If I hit enter to create a new line, that line remains within the block quote. Which is fine, however, neither clicking the block quote button again nor backspace not enter nor trying the lift list item button will breakup the block quote. Oddly enough, clicking again the block quote button will just intent the line further and further.

As I’m still figuring out my Tropy workflow, I am also open to hearing what other folks do to differentiate between original thoughts/analysis and transcription in Tropy. In the past I’ve used brackets to offset my own thoughts, but given that Tropy has the blockquote function, it seemed like a cleaner option. But perhaps not?

You can exit a quote block by pressing ‘Enter’ on a new line at the bottom of the quote. We’ll think about a good way to add the functionality to the toolbar as well.

At the end of the block quote, yes, but what if I want to break up a larger block quote in the middle. That’s what I’m finding. It appears that there is not ability to break up a block quote in the middle- which is a bit frustrating if you have a transcribed source you are trying to go back an annotate

I fully admit that this isn’t very intuitive (we’ll have to figure out a better way), but it should still work like this: if you want to break up the quote in the middle, place the cursor at the end of the last line of what is supposed to be the first quote, then press enter to create a new empty line (still part of the quote); now press enter two more times, this should split the block quote and create a new paragraph in between. We ought to do better than this, but it should work this way.