Can someone help me out relocating my photos folder?

Hey !

I moved my photos folder to another drive on my computer and now I can’t see them in Tropy. I need to relocate them but I don’t get anything to sqlite3 on Windows 10.

Can someone help me out ?

So basically my old path was: C:\Users\jorel\OneDrive\Wehrpsychologischer Dienst_JPEG
Inside that folder I had multiple folders. Do I need to change the path for each folder concerned ?

My new path: D:\OneDrive\Travail de mémoire\Scanbot\Wehrpsychologischer Dienst_JPEG

Here is the TPY file:

Mémoire.tpy (948 KB)

I’m happy to help you update the paths. It looks like the project contains photos from multiple different source folders, so I just want to make sure that you want to update only the one path cited above?

There are also photos imported from these folders:

C:\Users\jorel\OneDrive\Kurt Hauri
C:\Users\jorel\Dropbox\Tropy Photos

Attached is the project file with just Wehrpsychologischer Dienst_JPEG moved over to the D drive. I also re-based the project (portable projects do not work well if you have multiple different source folders on different drives). Let me know if you need to update any other paths!

Mémoire.tpy (952 KB)

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That’s awesome, it worked ! No need to update the other paths I only really need the one cited. Thanks a lot!! :slight_smile: