Can you export only part of a project to CSV?


I was wondering when you select export to CSV (or any other method of exporting for that matter), does it by default export the entire project, or is there a way to only export one list or a selection of items? If so, how do you do that?

Semi-related question. If I am exporting photos from Tropy in a standard project, the file path shows the path to the copy of the photo Tropy made. How will this move over to a new computer? Additionally, for importing the photo, if we add a file path to the actual photo, will Tropy still create a copy?

All export plugins will export the currently selected items. This way you can export any set of items as required.

The CSV contains only links to your files. When importing the CSV file, these will usually only work on the same computer where you created the export. To make importing easier, the CSV file can also contain relative paths (i.e., relative to wherever you place the CSV file), but to this you’ll have to post-process the CSV file to strip away the common prefix from the paths.

The CSV export is mainly intended to export your data to a spreadsheet (or to import from one). If you’re goal is to use it to transfer parts of a project between devices I’d either consider a new Tropy project (you can open two projects and just copy/paste items between them and then move the whole smaller project to another device) or the archive plugin, which basically just takes the JSON export, copies all the photos and creates a ZIP archive that can easily be moved (on another device you can extract the archive and import the JSON file which will find all the photos in the archive).

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