Cannot import pictures from OneDrive

When I attempt to import a file from a folder in my OneDrive, Tropy shows an error message stating “EINVAL: invalid argument, stat [path to the image]”, when I drag the same file from my OneDrive to a normal folder I can import the image without issues.

Logs (I edited out my name from the paths):
{“level”:“warn”,“message”:“Failed to import “D:\**\OneDrive\Pictures\Angeliadis.png”: EINVAL: invalid argument, stat ‘D:\\OneDrive\Pictures\Angeliadis.png’",“label”:“project”,“timestamp”:“2018-01-10T15:25:32.202Z”}
{“level”:“verbose”,“message”:"Error: EINVAL: invalid argument, stat 'D:\

Do you have the ‘Files On-Demand’ feature enabled in your OneDrive?

If so, this is likely an issue in the Electron/Node.js version used by Tropy. The good news is that this has already been fixed upstream so it will be fixed in an upcoming version of Tropy.

Thanks for reporting!

Yes, I do have Files On-demand enabled. Good to hear that this problem will be a thing of the past.

Thank you