Can't copy Tropy to second computer

I thought I would be able to back up Tropy files from a laptop (macbook pro) onto a flash drive and copy them onto my desktop (iMac) so I could view Tropy on both machines, if both machines store the relevant photos in the same places. But that doesn’t work. When I copy the Tropy files onto my iMac (to the same locations as on the laptop), and I open a fresh copy of Tropy, I get an error message and then Tropy crashes. What is the correct way to do this?

You can definitely open the same project on a second computer. On the second computer you will have to specifically open the project you copied, since the fresh install of Tropy doesn’t know about the project at first.

In any case, the crash is probably unrelated to your transferred project. Could you post the error message and perhaps the tropy.log file after the crash?