Can't import particular image files

This afternoon I was about to process an archival file that was 300+ images. However, I noticed that file I had selected 326 images, only 308 had imported into Tropy. I determined what one of the files was and tried to import ONLY that file. No lucky. Tried again, no luck. I opened the jpeg in a different program just to confirm it worked and it did indeed. So now I’m a bit of a loss for how to proceed. I can’t upload the file log since apparently it is too large, but I could email it to you if that would help?

The log might help, but even better is probably the image itself? Provided you’re allowed to share it with us. If uploading here on the forums is not an option, you can send it to me at – it would be important that you send me the original form (with the original file name).

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I’ll email both the log and one of the files in question now :slight_smile: