Can't import small pdf's


I can’t add pdf’s to my tropy project, I guess if it contains text and is not converted to an image.

The file keeps importing and never ends.

Would it be possible to import pdf’s with text and annotate text it contains and add a note to specific quote in notes section?

Also - If you need some designers to help you I would be happy to help!

Could you post one of the PDFs that fails to import so that we can take a look? Thanks!

When it comes to PDF text extraction, there are two use cases we’ve been discussion: extracting the text, embedded in the PDF, into a note and using OCR to extract from image PDFs. The latter is something we’ll probably enable via a plugin soon. We can probably do the same for the former, but the main issue is that extracting text into notes does not seem ideal to us: the better solution would be to embed a real PDF viewer instead of rasterizing the pages.