Can't install export plugin

Hello, this seems to be quite a basic issue but I’ve been struggling to install the export plug-ins into my Tropy system. When I try to install the plug-in as instructed, my system allows me to open the files.

However, I am finally stuck here, as I am unable to click on ‘open’ to install the plug-in, as seen here:

I really appreciate any help, thanks!

It looks like you downloaded and extracted (opened) the plugin zip file. Instead,
when you download the plugin as described in the user manual just save the downloaded zip file without extracting it. Then continue to install the file from Tropy’s preferences as described.

Thank you so much for pointing that out! I’ve managed to resolve the issue - seems like the issue’s that my existing Safari settings automatically unzips downloaded files and that caused some confusion on my end.

Thanks again!