Change sequence of fields in template editor

the UI for reorganizing the sequence of fields in a template is bugged on my windows installation. Fields do randomly disappear from the template editor, and when I close the editor, they reappear in random positions.

Is there an alternative to drag-and-drop when organising the fields?


Thanks for reporting this! We have a redesign of the template editor coming up later this year. In the meantime, there is no alternative way of sorting the fields (other than removing fields and re-adding them in the desired order) but we’ll try to reproduce and fix the issue you’re seeing.

I’m assuming the fields disappear only when you actually drag them, right? Are you working with a mouse or with or with a trackpad?

That’s good news, thanks for the response and for the upcoming redesign.

Actually, the fields disappeared after I dropped them. The problem concerned two fields I added to the object a few minutes before (if that means anything). It happened to me about three times in a row yesterday, with mouse and trackpad.