Changing arrangement of panes?

Hi. I’m wondering if it’s possible to change the arrangement of the panes when in single item view? I’ve uploaded a screenshot of what my single item view looks like now – it has the image of the file on the right and the notes/metadata/etc. panes on the left. I don’t know why this arrangement doesn’t work for my brain, but it doesn’t. I guess it’s a lifetime of item on left of desk/notebook or laptop on right of desk… Anyway, if there is a way to flip the arrangement so that the image is on the left and the notes panel is on the right, my brain will thank you!


With the current transition between project and item view I don’t see how we could pull this off. Though, curiously we just discussed a layout where the panel always stays on the right side in the context of adding tabs.

Thanks. I think it’s the left side of my brain that wants the notes panel on the right… At least I think that’s how brains work.