Changing ppi when trying to adjust PDF resolution doesn't work

I am having a problem others have asked about on this forum–when I import PDFs to Tropy, the image suddenly looks very pixilated, when previously it was sharp. The advice given on this forum was to change the ppi value in the metadata, which I tried. However, changing the value appears to have no effect on the appearance of my file. What am I doing wrong?

Did you change the PPI value of the specific PDF in the metadata panel or the default PPI in the preferences window? The default setting will only affect new imports; but changing the resolution in the metadata panel should cause the specific PDF to be re-imported at the new resolution immediately.

However, I wonder if there’s some other issue at play here: you say that the image was sharp previously? Do you know when it changed (I’m assuming you did not change the PPI originally, but only later trying to restore the image quality)?

Oh, I think I know what the issue is: in the current release you can’t change the density in the photo metadata at all. That’s not right and will fix it for the upcoming release!