Changing single item in a cluster?

Hello, Thank you for continuing to improve this app.

I am still working to understand and fully utilize Tropy’s features. Right now, I have merged all of the images from a single file in an archive and added metadata that fits the cluster as a whole. But I would like to be able to change the metadata or tags for an individual item in the group without changing everything. For example, the file holds 10 letters. I don’t want to extract all of these items separately since it is important to keep them in the order that they appear along with all of the other file types. But I would like to be able to just see the letters at times.

Is this possible? Right now, anytime I try to tag something, it changes the tag for every single image in the cluster. The same goes for trying to change a single field of metadata.

Thanks for your help.


As you suggested, the only way to have individualized metadata for different items in a file is to have them broken out into separate items. There are ways you could indicate order in your metadata (for instance, you could add a metadata field that indicates an order number or identifier), which might be the best solution for you. Creating a custom template ( would probably help you use other methods for organizing, giving you the ability to break out your items in a more granular way.

Does that make sense? Let me know if I can provide additional help!

I would like to add that it will likely be possible, in future versions of Tropy, to add custom metadata fields at any level (item, photo, or selection); we may also add custom photo and selection templates.