Cloud-based Tropy?

Are there plans to make Tropy a cloud-based program? This would make it accessible across multiple devices–a function that many wandering historians rely on. This would also prevent data loss in the event of a computer crash.

I was wondering the same thing - or at least whether Tropy will function if the project is saved on Dropbox and worked on from multiple computers (not simultaneously), as one can do with Scrivner.

The immediate goal for Tropy 1.0 is to make the projects ‘portable’ in the sense that you can move your project files and photos across devices (or share with collaborators, albeit not simultaneously); that includes the scenario of storing your Tropy project and photos on Dropbox or similar and open them using different devices.

Beyond 1.0, we do have ideas for further collaboration and sync features but they’re not definitive yet.

Any updates on Tropy collaboration options? (Thank you!!)

We’re planning to start working on this in the fall.

Super, looking forward to it. Thanks!

I’m very glad to hear that you’ll be working on a cloud version! I just wanted to add a potential user case in case it’s helpful: I’m working with a long-term research project that has different groups of students doing archival field research every year. Cloud Tropy would help them immensely.

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are there any progress on this ‘portable’ project?
I just downloaded 1.4.3 but still don’t know how to work on two separate machines.