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Thanks for all your work. I just started using Tropy, and so far I love it.

Newbie question: I am using the custom “Newspaper” template created by abbymullen. Is there any way I can make “Paper title” appear as one of the columns in project view? I understand that this might not be possible since its a custom template category, but perhaps there’s some kind of workaround? It would be very useful to see the names of the newspapers in the project and list views. I’m not actually using the “creator” category; can I somehow put the paper titles into that field without re-entering all the titles manually?

Thanks, and sorry if I’m missing something obvious.

If you right click on the columns / table header you can manage the column configuration. By default only properties used by templates you have installed will show up; if you press alt while right clicking you will see all installed properties.

The ‘Paper Title’ of the Newspaper template is actually a custom label for the dc:publisher property; so if you select the column dc:publisher you’ll see the contents there. The column header will say ‘Publisher’ (in English or your current locale) because the table has to support every possible template, therefore it can’t use template custom labels. If you would like to have it say ‘Paper Title’ you’d have to change the label of dc:publisher in the Vocabulary preferences.

Terrific - works like a charm. Thanks for taking the time to answer a dumb question and for answering so quickly!

Hello everybody!
Having a lot of fun with tropy until now, for a project about XIX century U.S. history. I have a similar issue/request: I use “correspondence” default template, and I’d like to show “location” among the columns. But I cannot, even by trying with ALT+right click. Any idea of why? Possibly I just ignore the right procedure, but I’m quite stuck.
By the way, this seems impossible with the lines “author” and “recipient” as well.

The Correspondence template uses custom labels for some of its fields: ‘Author’ for dc:creator, ‘Recipient’ for dcterms:audience, ‘Location’ for dc:coverage, and ‘Archive’ for dc:source. Since the item table can contain items with multiple different templates, it cannot use a template’s custom labels, but has to use the default labels. If you add a dc:coverage your items’ ‘Location’ will be displayed there.

If you use only the Correspondence template and you’d like to call dc:coverage ‘Location’ everywhere, you can change the default label in the ‘Vocabularies’ pane of the preferences window.

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Thank you very much! it worked smoothly