Consolidate photo

I need to move my photos. I try to consolidate the new path by selecting a photo and right clicking on “consolidate photo”. However, no pop up opens (apparently it does some kind of automatic consolidation because the photo blinks once, but it doesn’t ask me where I want to put the new location).
Thank you very much for your help!

(I’m working in a MacBook Air 2020)


this sounds like you did not move the photos yet? First you have to move the photos in Finder, then right click on a photo in Tropy and choose Consolidate Photo in order to point Tropy to the new location. If you did not change the structure of the moved photo folder Tropy should prompt you Do you want Tropy to automatically check and resolve further missing photos at this location?, confirm and Tropy should automatically find all other photos.

That was it!
I didn’t want to delete the photos until I was sure it was going to work (I had just copied them to their new location).
Now I moved them and was able to consolidate them in their new location.
Thanks so much for your help :slight_smile:

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