Consolidating Lists Between Computers

Hi there,

During the lockdown, I had to transition from my office computer to my home computer (both Macs). I am using Tropy to catalogue manuscript photos. This has left me with a situation where I have two sets of lists (with photos) on each of my computers. If I wanted to consolidate all my work onto my office computer it looks like I would have to manually re-import all the photos that I have on my home computer.

I am wondering if there is a possible way to ‘export’ the lists (and corresponding photos) from my home computer and then import the lists and photos into Tropy on my office computer? This would save me replicating the work I’ve done on my home computer.

Any help would be much appreciated!


Because you’re mentioning lists, can you clarify that the issue is preserving the current list memberships of items? That is, it’s not enough to copy items from one project to the other using either copy/paste, JSON export, or the archive plugin – because your list assignments are complex in their own right (e.g., because your items all belong to multiple lists?). I’m just asking because I may be misunderstanding the issue and either copy/paste or the archive plugin may actually be what you’re looking for (to preserve simple lists you could export several lists individually and create the corresponding lists after you import each set).

If the problem is not so much copying the items and metadata but to merge the list associations, can you talk a little more about how your lists are structured? Perhaps we can figure out a good solution for your scenario. In particular, it would be important to know if you use nested lists, if lists with the same names already exist in both projects, and, in general, whether or not your items are typically added to multiple different lists. Well, and of course, how many lists we’re talking about.