Consolidating Photos error

Hello, I’ve imported a few photos, and for a few days now, when I open TROPY it wants to consolidate photos, and I get an error message that says SQLITE_BUSY: database is locked. Not sure what is going on.

Does this happen only once at start-up when it during the consolidation? Or do you get the timeout error more frequently?

Which operating system are you using (this particular error most commonly happens on Windows) and is your project file located on a local or on an external drive?

If you could send us a tropy.log that will probably answer most of these questions and might be helpful to track this further.

Since this happens in conjunction with consolidation, we should probably figure out why the photos keep consolidating. A clue to this should also be in the log file, but do you know which photos are being consolidated and why?

Finally, an odd question, but are any of the photos you’ve added recently square or close to square?

I seem to be having worse issues, as the external drive, where I had the Tropy file, is no longer appearing on my Mac. Somebody disconnected the external drive the other day without ejecting, and the problem seemed to have started then; but I’d been able to at least see the drive in finder.
Ughh. I assume I can’t send you the Tropy.log? If I still can generate the log, could you let me know how?

OK well, I assume it’s an issue with the external drive in that case. Typically, you would get this timeout when writing or reading to the file is very slow. I would try to move the file to an internal drive and open it from there to see if the issue shows up then.

Hello! So, the hard drive crashed, and I can’t spend the money to see if info can be retrieved. I do have (an older) version of the project saved somewhere, but the photos attached to the information were located in the hard drive that crashed. I do have the photos elsewhere. Is there a way I can re-link the photos to the project, so I can at least save what I had in the older version of the project? (I hope I am making sense)

Assuming the files have same names it should be relatively easy: just put the photos into the location where you want them to stay, then open your project, pick any photo and consolidate the photo (via the context menu in the photo panel; it’s important to consolidate the single photo, not the whole item): this will prompt you to select the file from its new location. If you select a file with the same name as the original one, Tropy will assume the file was moved and will ask whether you want to search for other missing files automatically.

In most cases this will find all the missing photos. If your files are scattered across many folders and the structure of those folders is different now than it used to be on your external drive, you will have to consolidate one photo in each set of photos where the folder structure changed.

If the photos are named differently or if they are placed in a very deep folder structure that is different from the one on the external drive, you can use the find-photos script described here: this script will search for all photos in a given folder, compute a checksum and link them to matching photos in your project file.

THANKS for the prompt response. I’ve been successful when consolidating photos, but Tropy did not ask me to search for all missing files. The names are not changed, just the location.

Also, I’d created bundles with photos, bringing together a letter, say, with 5 pages. Only the first photo’s name is listed, and not those which were brought into the first one to create the full ‘letter’. I’d had to look for each file individually.
Hope this makes sense…

Is this on Windows? It’s possible that the different drive letters make it impossible find a relative path from the old to the new location – in which case the auto-consolidation will not work.

If all your photos are in a single folder (with possible sub-folders, as long as those sub-folders are the same as on the external drive) there’s another short-cut we could take by updating the paths in the project file manually with SQL.

Thanks! No, I work with Mac. The folder I had in the crashed hard drive with all the photos was a copy of the same folder I have in Google Drive, and to which I am trying to link to Tropy. The internal organization of the folder, then, is/was the same (internally divided into folders by archive).

OK that’s odd. It sounds like automatic consolidation should be possible in this case, but perhaps I’m missing something. Do you know if your Mac is using a case-sensitive file system?

Can you try to consolidate one photo again and then, after successful consolidation, without the prompt for auto-consolidation save the tropy.log file (Help -> Show log files) and post it here? If you could also tell me the before/after path of the file you consolidated? In Tropy you can see the full path displayed as a hint if you hover over the ‘File’ field in the metadata panel while the photo is selected; you can check there before and after the consolidation to see the original and new path.


I don’t know if my Mac is using a case-sensitive file system, sorry. I just consolidated one photo and went and saved the main.log file.

I can see the old file path, and the new file path. I still don’t get a prompt for auto-consolidation. Hope this helps.

main.log (6.6 KB)

Oh, this explains it. This is an old version of Tropy (1.4.1) but auto-consolidation was added later. You can try to install the latest version (1.7) but it’s likely that it won’t work on macOS 10.12 anymore. So I’d try to use version 1.5.4 instead: this will likely still work on your operating system and it includes the auto-consolidation option.

Yep. That did it. Thanks so much!!!