Consolidating problems

Hello, I have caused tropy to lose track of a file and am now trying to consolidate the file again. When I click “consolidate photo” I go to the photo and I get the prompt “Do you want Tropy to automatically check and resolve further missing photos at this location?” I click yes, and then it just doesn’t do it? In the past, this has worked. Furthermore, if I just go down manually to the next photo to hit “consolidate photo” it doesn’t prompt anything and I have to quit out of tropy and start it again and then it will allow me to chose the file/photo. But then the same thing happens all over again. Thanks in advance for your help.

Are you using Tropy on Linux? There is currently is an upstream issue on Linux where the file picker does not reliably open on top of the Tropy window after the first time it was opened (i.e., first time it’s fine, then the placement is not right). This can cause the picker to be placed where you can’t see it – I suspect this might explain your second observation where nothing seems to happen when you consolidate two photos in a row. Could you confirm that?

The automatic consolidation after you consolidated the first photo by selecting its new location does not work in all possible cases, but only when it’s possible to create a relative path from the old to the new location of the photo you picked and if that relative path change is identical for other missing photos. Could you post the full paths, old and new, of a photo you consolidated by hand and the paths of one other photo that’s still missing? This will make it easier to know if auto-consolidation should have succeeded. (You can get the old path by hovering over the photo’s filename in the panel before consolidating it).