Consolidation of images

Why was Tropy repeatedly asked to consolidate because the images were lost?

Consolidating the image means loading the original an ensuring that all the data Tropy stores about the image is up to date (i.e., dimensions, thumbnails, and so on). Tropy will try to do that every time there’s reason to believe that something has changed. For example, if the thumbnail is missing. If the consolidation fails, because the original isn’t there, Tropy will not try that image again while the project is open.

I stored all of my picture collections in a single folder. However, Tropy failed to identify specific images when I ran the consolidation menu. How do I deal with this situation?

If Tropy can’t find a photo you need to consolidate the photo in question manually, by right-clicking on the photo in the panel. This will open a file picker where you can select the original photo at its current location.

Note, that if Tropy can’t open a photo this may be because it was moved or renamed; if the file is still there at its original location but Tropy can’t open it during consolidation, it may be a permission issue. After a failed consolidation like that there should be further information in the log file.

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