Consolidation Pop-up not appearing

Recently, while trying to consolidate photos after moving Tropy items between hard drives (all of which have all the image files on them) the consolidation pop-up (asking if Tropy can consolidate other items from this location) is not popping up.

This happened first to my teammate on a Mac, but is now happening to me on a Dell.

Some context:
We have 4 drives containing this project, because we need multiple people doing this work. Three of the drives contain uncoded items, and then as they are coded, we copy and paste them weekly into the main drive with our final project on it. Each drive has a folder of image files, and the main drive has all the folders. None of the photo folders have been moved or changed in a while.

Suddenly, when moving coded memes onto the new drive, the consolidation pop-up does not pop-up when consolidating from the folders on that drive. To clarify, the memes were coded on another drive with it’s own image folder, but an exact duplicate of that folder exists on the main drive.
There has been no issues with that pop-up appearing until this point.

Any help would be appreciated! We now have a few hundred images that will not batch consolidate on our main drive, even though the images have no problems consolidating individually. taht is just incredibly tedious and unusable while searching.


Could you give me an example of a photo that you consolidate manually (i.e., the full path before and after consolidation) where the consolidation works but the prompt does not appear afterwards? Basically, the prompt should always appear if the consolidation was successful and the before and after path are in a different directory, but the filename itself remains identical.