Consolidation Tropy


My Tropy Project is saved on a Cloud so that I can use it from different Computers.
I Consolidated my Project on my work PC on Friday and on my home pc on Saturday. I didn’t use my Project since and today when I opened it again I saw that my work pc wasn’t displaying the pictures, while my home pc was displaying them correctly.
Can it be that by consolidating on my home pc I cancelled the Project on my work pc?
Thank you for your help.

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Yes, but not to worry. The Tropy project file stores the absolute paths to each of your photos. If the paths are different on your two computers, then consolidating the paths on one computer means that the path will then be wrong on the other computer. If it’s not feasible to set up the shared folder in a way that results in identical paths on both computers, then it’s best to make your project portable by re-basing it. This means that the project will not store the absolute paths to each file, but instead will resolve all paths relative to its own location. The easiest way to do this is as follows:

  1. Close Tropy.
  2. Move the project file to your shared folder, ideally into the same folder that contains your project’s pictures. (To be completely safe, also make a backup copy of the project file now.)
  3. Open the project again in Tropy (if you moved the file in the previous step, Tropy will not open it automatically).
  4. Enable developer mode in the preferences
  5. Make sure Tropy opens your photos fine in the item view (otherwise you need consolidate the items first; it’s important that Tropy has the correct paths before you rebase the project)
  6. Re-base the project from the developer menu: this is subtle, just click the action once. If you re-base the project a second time it will be back to normal.
  7. Wait a moment and then reload the project or restart Tropy and make sure the paths are still working.
  8. Close the project and then open it on the other computer: the paths should work there now, as well.

The main difference of the portable project is that you can’t move it independently of the photos (or, you can move it, but you will have to consolidate the paths again after the move).