Contain all settings and everything project associated in one folder

Hi, is it possible to put all settings that have to do with the project itself and all pictures that are part of it in one folder and have it always contained there?

Background is this: We want multiple people with different OS’es collaborating on one project that is basically in the cloud, everybody uses their own program but the project related settings and pictures are in a mutually used folder.
I know where the project files are stored and how to put them in another place but I dont know wether there are other files that contain info somewhere else.

To share (or backup) a project you need only the project file and access to the linked originals/photos. Ideally, you should put the project file and the originals into the shared folder and set up the project to use links relative to the project file (in the project settings). This way, all devices should be able to see the files, regardless of the platform or file system in use. If the items in your project use custom templates or additional vocabularies, then you also need to share these (since templates and vocabularies typically don’t change much over the course of project you just need to import them once on each of the devices).

Please note, that Tropy currently does not support merging two divergent copies of the same project file. Therefore, you need to be careful not to create conflicting versions of the file if multiple devices access the project simultaneously (especially while offline).

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