Copying Lists from one project to another

While copy-pasting items from one project to another, I was wondering whether it is also possible to copy the lists I created in Project A to Project B. As it appears to me now, I can only copy the items themselves but have to re-create the lists manually. This is a bit tedious. But I use the lists to re-create archival structures. This helps me to orient myself.

Is there an easier way to do this?

Many apologies if this has already been asked at some point - I seem to be unable to find it it in this case.

There’s currently no good way to copy the lists. However, you can import items straight into an existing list. So the best way to do this currently would be to re-create the necessary lists in Project B first, then go through the lists in Project A, select all item in a list and paste them into the same list in Project B.

Typing this just now makes me realize that this only works if each item is exactly in one list only. If there’s an item in two separate list this process has unintended consequences in that the respective item will be imported twice into Project B, so this is really not a good workflow.

We have an open ticket to include an items lists in the exported data (and optionally re-create those lists on import).

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