Creating an Archives Profile (storing correspondence, etc)

Hi, new user here. Long-time researcher. My apologies if I simply haven’t discovered how to do this yet in the app itself.

I’m impressed by the ease of use and aesthetics of Tropy and am migrating my archival photos over. A use case that I have noticed right away, that I would love to see supported (perhaps others too), is being able to store my (email) correspondence with Archives, along with the photos, whether it’s in the form of email messages themselves (.eml on my Mac, for instance) or something else. Or perhaps my own Notes and observations about visiting an Archive, or whether they have granted Rights of Use, etc. Often, as well, I want to see that I have communicated with an Archive (and what about), even when I don’t yet have any photos or archival material.

True, one could simply copy/paste the email messages into the Notes Feature, but I want to be able to save my correspondence with archives and archivists at the Archives level, so I know what I have requested, if they responded, etc. In a way, this would be part of a Profile of each Archive/Institution. In other words, being able to collect and store data about a particular Archive, or separate Archive visits, stored at the Archives or Institution Level (rather than item level).

Maybe there is a simple ‘run-around’ that already accomplishes this? But it would seem to be pretty natural to want to build out profiles of each Archive one visits…