Creating items from selected photos

I’d love to have the ability to a) select multiple photographs in a group using shift-click instead of individually clicking, them and also b) create an item from the selected photographs - rather than having to first create an item, then select multiple photos, then drag them into an item.

Just to make sure I got this right, you are talking about selecting several photos which are already combined in a single item, right? (Selecting multiple items and combining them via ‘merge’ is already possible, just not using the shift key, but this will definitely be added in upcoming beta releases.)

In other words, splitting up an item consisting of several photos into two items with one group of photos staying in the original item and the selected photos being moved to the new item?

Hi Cameron! Can you please try using option-click to select multiple items, and then right-clicking to merge them? Does that achieve what you want? Obviously that’s more work than shift-click, which would let you select a whole range in one go, but I want to make sure we’re understanding your request clearly. We ran into a problem implementing shift-click but it’s on the to-do list.

That works! I didn’t see the merge function under File or Edit so I didn’t realize it existed. Thanks!